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Manly Warringah Field Archers Club Rules

Common sense and an approach to leaving the Club and reserve area in a better state than you found it, will go a long way to ensuring the Club’s ability to continue to prosper in this location and improve the archery experience for all concerned.

The Club rules have been established to ensure the safety of all members, the general public and to ensure the preservation of the JJ Melbourne Hills Reserve’s special environment.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of membership rights.

The principal Club rules are located on a large notice board located on the south wall of the club house.

The rules include:

1. MWFA Club members only allowed to shoot. Current Club and ABA ID to be worn at all times

2. People using the range(s) do so at their own risk

3. The use of broad head arrows is strictly prohibited

4. No camouflage clothing to be worn on the field ranges

5. Field range tracks must be followed (typically from Target 1 to 20), no back tracking.

6. No firearms, cross bows or fireworks

7. All wildlife is protected

8. Rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided

9. No offensive language or behaviour

10. Members are prohibited from handling archery or club equipment if under the influence of alcohol or drugs

11. Members using the ranges shall sign in the attendance book located adjacent to the club house entrance door before commencing shooting

12. Junior members and Cubs, shall be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Cub member’s equipment shall be carried by the responsible adult at all times

13. Arrows shall only be knocked immediately prior to shooting from the appropriate shooting peg or line and aimed only at the designated target

14. Shooters shall only proceed to the target to remove arrows when all shooters have completed shooting and an all clear direction is given

15. Members shall comply with all directions and signs issued by the Range officials

16. Ranges shall only be set by members appropriately qualified by the ABA.

Club Shoots and Club Competition Rules

Organised Club shoots are held following the rules set down by the ABA.

You can read the ABA shoot rules here.

To learn more about the ABA by viewing their website here

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